Traditional Ceremonies

Marriages are made in heaven, We are just publicizing it to the world”.

Every religion follows its own customs and traditions. There are more than 20 types of weddings in India. Every wedding needs to be picturized well as it happens just once in a lifetime. Wedding Photography and Candid Wedding Photography needs some excellent skills who can capture the picture at the right time. Wedding is not just alone. It has many Pre-wedding ceremonies and Post – Wedding ceremonies which builds a bond between the bride and the bridegroom.

Small Studios, A Candid Wedding & Cinematic Films Photography firm is completely into the Wedding and Candid photography. We have successfully completed more than 400 wedding projects for various kinds of customs. We are familiar with the rituals, Ceremonies, Customs and many more.

You just have to approach us !!! We will surprise you with every click and takes you back to your wedding day even after ages.

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