Top 10 Images which every Indian bride must have in your wedding


Weddings in India are a celebration of a lifetime. India is a rare place where we find a rich and diverse culture that is subjected to intellectual contemplation and research since ages. We can find a rare fascinating amalgamation of myriad cultures, communities, religious customs and traditions which are different and unique from each other.

A country with vast multi-linguistic and multi-cultural land has a unique and broad perspective towards wedding and marriage. A wedding is a celebration where the union of two different people be bonded together for an endless relationship. This is more than an endless festival for a lifetime for the entire family. The families of the 2 people are gathered together and witness the surreal union of two souls.

A bride is the one who goes through great changes in life. After several months of meticulous preparations, a bride will prepare herself to make the big day into a successful occasion of life. Beyond the preparations, there are a few things related to photographs that need to be remembered that will last long as your marriage does. Being a bride is on the most precious thing of life. Every small emotion can’t be captured in the event but there are a few things that have to be captured for sure, that makes you smile even after ages.

Here presenting you the most important things that a bride need to remember and must have at your wedding.

Your bridal outfit

Being a girl, I Know how we eagerly wait to wear the designer wedding lehenga. It’s a once in a lifetime situation. You are not going to wear the Wedding Lehenga again except on a precious day. This is nevertheless like a lifetime once situation. So try to capture your wedding lehenga before it fits in you. Allow your photographer to capture your Lehenga in the most creative way. Never forget top click your wedding attire before your wedding.

Your solah shringar

For a Groom, The wedding attire will not be that precious. They are actually simple but for a bride like you, wedding dress, jewellery and adornments matter a lot. From your Maang tikka to your Payal everything adds life to your dress up. Capturing your Jewellery is also a mandatory shot at your wedding.

Your ‘transition to the bride’

What a moment it is!!!. From a normal girl to a confident & poised bride. It is a mixture of excitement and nervous situation where you will feel like a princess. Allow your photographer to click some beautiful and ravishing “making over of bride’s shots”. Capture all your excitement in reels and mark a moment to be the beautiful bride ever.

The perfect diva pose

Once you are done with getting ready and before getting into the Mandap, Give time to yourself. Click the perfect princess shots. Be as crazy as you can. This is actually a lifetime once situation where your craziness is not only going to be captured but also loved by everyone.

The dazzling hand shots and ‘oh-so-beautiful’ feet shots.

Let your shiny bangles and chooda, rings and the intricate henna designs pose little to the camera. It looks great through the lens. Help the photographer to click your chooda, or your mehndi, or your engagement ring, beautiful payal and even the bridal heels. You will surely thank us for reminding you to click your mehndi shots. There are the shots which give a real glow to the bride. Be the way you want to be but make sure you click these best shots at your wedding.

Wedding Bangles
beautiful payal design

Your grand entry

This could be something that we call, “ On the road to Mrs”. Many of us remember this phase very much. You will be filled with new emotions, and lots of nervousness within, where you’re Doli/ Butta is carried by your cousins and uncles. You will be the centre of attraction and also the moment to get clicked. The beautiful entry should never be missed by a photographer which is not only special to you but also to your life partner.

Bride in Pulla Buttaa

Share a love-filled group hug

Pose for some group hugs. If it is a candid shot is something which you will definitely look up for. This not only fills the love but also makes you feel good when you look at those photographs later.

Muslim Wedding Photography in Hyderabad

A classic portrait is a MUST!

Though there are many photographs where you will pose with your relatives and friends but classic photographs with your parents are must and should. This classic portrait will defiantly join the wall of the gallery at your new home.

Wedding Photography in Hyderabad

Pose for some romantic candid’s with your partner.

Once everything is done. There will be some time to get posed with your partner alone. I will tell you to take a lot of time to pose along with your partner. It is the time where you have to go with so many romantic poses and get clicked at the right moment. Don’t forget, this is your day and you are allowed to celebrate more and more.

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Romantic poses of the couple.
best wedding photographers in hyderabad


The most toughest task for you and your family. If it is for a girl, then this will be even more tougher. Leaving the house where you had spent your 25 years of life and going to a new place with hope and trust carries lots of true emotions and love within. You will definitely won’t pose for such but the true emotions will be captured instantly by the best photographer in the town.

indian vidaai

Only a Professional Photographer can capture such beautiful emotions of life. So hire the best Photographer in Hyderabad and get clicked for beautiful emotions you will be going through.

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