Why do you need a pre-wedding shoot?


Pre – Wedding shoots are also known as post-engagement shoots. A complete photo session is done usually before six months before the wedding day. It sounds fancy to many of the newly wedding couples. It is beneficial for the bride, and the groom to mingle with each other.

Many of us believe that it is too expensive and a waste of time and effort. But it is not. There are many benefits which help both the bride- to- be and groom- to- be couples to spend some ample time together and know each other well.

Let us explore what are the 5 main benefits of Pre-wedding shoots and how they are going to be a benefit you and your partner.

Put an end to the camera nervousness

The camera which you are using now i.e in your daily life is different and the camera which you will be facing on your wedding day will be different. On your big day, you will be in front of 4-5 cameras and will be in the spotlight. This is actually a nervous breakdown situation. Many people will have a fear of such focusing. Pre-wedding shoots help you in taking out the nervousness from inside.

pre wedding photoshoot
pre wedding photoshoot

Will give a chance to know your partner

Pre-wedding shoots are fun. If you are going for an arranged marriage, Pre-wedding shoots really help you to know your partner well. You will be able to be as crazy as you can. It will also build up the trust and creates some chemistry between each other maintains complete ease which can be captured well by the photographer.

importance of pre wedding shoot

Create a guestbook & can be used for an exclusive slideshow at your reception.

The beautiful pictures which have been clicked in the prewedding shoot can be developed and played as a slide show at your reception. These beautiful pictures will engage the guest in the wedding eve. Apart from these slide show, it can also be made into guestbooks with a stunning hard-cover photo guestbook with images of your pre-wedding shoot. You can select a few best photos, and describe your love in those guestbooks which will help you to present a good and lavishing treat to the eyes.

Importance of Pre wedding Shoot
Signing the Guest Book

Include your photos in your invitations and save the date cards

Being a photographer, I strongly suggest you go for pre-wedding shoots as they can be the biggest asset in your wedding invitation. You can use the pictures of your pre-wedding shoots to make the wedding invitation teasers, posters, catalogues and can share with your friends in online media. You can even print your beautiful pictures on your wedding cards differently which reveals your love towards your partner. You can also make “Save the Date” cards for your near and dear ones.

Importance of Pre wedding Shoot and Save your card poster
Pictures on Wedding cards

Creating a Gallery in your new place.

Pre-wedding shoots grab the best photographs of yours. You will have a chance to make many memories with your partner and can make huge wall arts for your living rooms in your new home. You will have a chance to get clicked as crazy as you can and in many locations where you will have many memories to store, in your bedroom, dining or living room. You will also have a chance to include the best pictures in your wedding albums.

Memories on the wall

These are the 5 reasons why the pre-wedding shoot actually helps you. Apart from these 5 the most important reason is “Creating a rapport with your professional photographer”. Pre-wedding shoots help the photographer to analyze your body language. It will give the photographer a chance to understand from which portfolio you look great!!!

Wedding Photography in Hyderabad
Best Wedding Photography in Hyderabad.

A photographer will think hard and make you look more creative which really brings out the best in you.

Some of us still feel, Pre-wedding shoot is expensive and waste of effort and time but the fact is “You are getting Married” The biggest occasion of your life. You will see the best phase of your life at this point, so why there is a need to compromise yourself when you are really capable enough to be the best at your wedding.

It might cost you little more but these photographs are absolutely everlasting and will bring a smile even after the silver jubilee of your marriage. Don’t rest for less and hire the best wedding photographer in Hyderabad for your pre-wedding shoot.

Best wedding Photographers in Hyderabad.

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