The Best bridal hair makeover- Top 10 easy ways to twist your hair.


In this busy bridal season, we all want to look pretty at our biggest occasions of life. We look up for many bridal makeovers which help us to look more prettier. Selecting an elegant hairstyle is one of the biggest tasks.

We spend frequently selecting which one suits our looks and costumes. Indian bridal makeover has so many varieties of hairstyles that will overwhelm the bride and make you look elegant.

Both the costumes and hair accessories play’s an important deciding factor in selecting the hairstyles. Bridal hairstyle with a single/double dupatta or bride with a floral tiara or with hair accessories like flowers, jewellery, and many things is considered more while hairstyling. So, we have brought some good and easy options where you can find perfect hairstyles for a wedding.

Fishtail Braid with a Combination of Mogas:

wedding hairstyles

A messy braid with beautiful Mogras is absolutely perfect for a bridal look. Brides with long and medium hair can go for such a traditional look and bridal hairstyle at your wedding celebrations.

A Messy Bun

wedding hairstyles

In India, we generally have the Muhurthas in Summer and Autumn seasons which are a bit of harm. For such harsh or soothing sunny days, messy buns will be the best. Messy buns are very convenient to hold and will be the best hairstyle with some curl along.

Cascading Waterfall Braid

easy updos for long hair

Some Twisty & romantic, cascading braid with some beautiful flowers at your Mehndi or Haldi will be absolutely perfect. Such hairstyles will make you look elegant and adds a lot of beauty to your face.

Traditional Braid with Floral Extravaganza

wedding hairstyles

This is completely a traditional look. Nevertheless, such an appealing look will never go out of fashion. The hairstyle with pleasant Gajras and small Gulbis will make you look gorgeous at your wedding.

Open Hair with a Top Soft Lock

wedding hairstyles

Sometimes show offing the blouse is very good and makes you stylish. A light colour saree with open hair with soft locks along with some dainty flowers gives an absolute bridal look

Messy Voluminous Princess Braid with Ringlets

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Messy hairs are in trend now. A messy bun and a messy voluminous braid attract a lot. This stunning hairstyle will suit the bridal attire with a long lehenga or a beautiful saree.

Long with a Floral Tiara

quick easy updos for thick hair

Tiara is love… Tiara is best for destination weddings, themed weddings and beachside weddings. Tiara will make you feel like a princess. You will have a different look and will get an elegant hairstyle. This is one of the best options for all modern brides.

Half Loop Braid

quick easy updos for thick hair

Half loop braid is one of the simple and easy to go hairstyle for a Bride. This Half loop braided bridal hairstyle goes really well on any kind of bridal wear. It gives you a lot of complement and surely brings on a lot of attention to your new style.

The Big Top Knot

A high-end knot with a lot of Gajras and beautiful hairpin will definitely give an elegant look to the wedding. It also makes the hair appear voluminous and great. Such hairstyles are very apt on the Patu and Kanchipuram sarees.

These are the top 10 easy hairstyles which go great on all the wedding occasions. Wedding is something which happens only for a once in a lifetime. Being a bride or a part of the wedding, you really have to look great and elegant.

Did we miss anything? Comment below… we will surely include them…

We are going to show how to tie these 10 easy hairstyles in our next blog….


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